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Cyber Parenting 101
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Cyberparenting101 is a ground-breaking and empowering product designed to educate parents raising children surrounded by technology.


For Parents, Grandparents and Guardians:

Video Certification Course


This course is offered to concerned parents, parents going through a divorce, or foster parents.  It can be instituted by family court in separation cases or presented as a powerful training tool for foster parents ensuring they are provided the necessary guidance to protect the children in their care.  This engaging 8 hour class is segmented into convenient 10 to 20 minute videos, quizzes and offline activities that allow you the freedom to learn on your time.  This dynamic course is focused on understanding and navigating the technology challenges today's parent's are confronted with every day and provides a course certificate once completed.

-Detective Richard Wistocki

 30 Year Child Cyber Crime Expert

"One of the greatest risks to our children are the devices they carry with them everyday."

    Cyberparenting 101 covers:​

  • Social Media - Snapchat, Instagram

  • Online/Phone Gaming

  • Sexting

  • Cyber-Bullying

  • Sextortion

  • The Dangers of Posting Online

  • Monitoring Software

  • Identifying Drug Abuse

  • Filing A Cyber Crimes Report

  • Having a Technology Talk 

  • And SO Much More.

Enroll Now

Start today and command a powerful awareness of your child's daily interaction with technology.  Join us and receive the training to guide and protect them from making dangerous choices on their devices.

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