How do you proactively reduce social media incidents at your school?

With The Cyber Parenting 101 Video Series.

Empower your schools parents and staff with streaming videos they can watch anytime, anywhere on their phones, tablets or computer.  This affordable video series is an invaluable resource available whenever needed 24/7.  Award Winning Trainer and Child Cyber Crimes Expert Det. Richard Wistocki unmasks the hidden dangers your students interact with everyday.  With 3 hours of content divided into short 10 to 15 min videos Det. Wistocki goes beyond providing insight and education he provides tools and resources to understand and manage children's devices.  This sobering, proactive video series is a vital tool for parents raising children of all ages.  This educational series sets a new standard, breaking down the technological walls that today’s children live behind.  


Instructional Series covers these topics and more:


  • Basic Technology Rules

  • The Technology Talk

  • Cyber-Bullying

  • Having Vaults and Fake Accounts

  • Cyber Investigations and Internet Laws

  • Teen Dating and Online Relationships

  • Sextortion

  • Making a Police Report

  • Gaming Online

  • My Child’s Cell Phone and Drug Use

  • Asking My Son/Daughter to Take A Drug Test

NEW Video Included!  Understanding The Signs and Dangers Of Vaping.  An in depth look at vaping devices, vaping drugs, health complications and more.

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